Blogs are like the yearbooks of writing, in a matter of seconds you can see where you were in life just one year ago. For those who have found the love of their life or that perfect job, thinking back on the past year lets you know just how far you’ve come.  Then, of course, there are the rest of us who one year later are still sitting in their parents’ house drinking a  $10 bottle of wine on Wednesday and wondering if you have set the World Record for having less than $30 in your bank account.

So here I am one year, one $1 raise, and God knows how  many bottles of cheap wine later, and I’m still hoping my Fairy Godmother can stretch my pitiful cash flow until next week.  As it turns out Snow White seems to be a little on the looney side.  While you can sing about the day your Prince will come and take you to his castle ‘till your blue in the face, there is no guarantee he is going to show up; and when he doesn’t you’ll still be shacking up with the nice dwarves who took you in out of pity.  At that point you realize your life has become a fractured fairytale, which then begs the question if they drank all the time when these stories were set, who’s brilliant idea was it to stop?  I guess you could say I’m honoring the people of a time passed, where there was no sanitary water and wine was the only clean to drink.  A time I can honestly sounds way more appealing than the health crazed, charb conscious world we live in today.  Which brings me to the small portion of the post where I actually write about wine.

I think it was the title that drew me in, calling something “9 walks” makes you wonder what exactly they are referring to.  That, topped with the fact that it was the first wine that peaked my interest in months that wasn’t from South America, it seemed like a concrete choice. Admittedly, it is a tad more herbaceous than I am used to, but I did enjoy the decidedly fresh tone of the body.  Unlike most Sauv’s that are paired with the more syrupy tones of honeysuckle and melon, this particular white is blended with the zesty taste of sour lime and bright lemon.  Like a crisp spring day it is light and refreshing, which unlike most sappy sweet whites  seems like the perfect sip on a hot summer day.

Keep your wallets full and your mouths happy!