I seriously cannot believe I am writing about a Riesling right now. One because I avoid Rieslings like dinner with your new boyfriend’s parents, and two because this particular bottle does not taste like the standard overly “grandma pinching your check” sweet. So how did I end up “sipping with the enemy” you ask, sheer dumb luck.  I walked into the liquor store 5 minutes before it closed, saw the name and decided that was the one. The rest is history as the say.
Sufficed to say I was incredibly surprised when I took my first sip and wasn’t compelled to instantaneously spill my guts. While most American Rieslings are syrupy sweet, the Kung Fu Girl varietal is like more of a cool breeze on a hot summer day; it kisses your lips with a light refreshing tang. While you can taste a subtle sweetness, the overall flavor of the body has strong citrus notes. Your mouth comes alive with notes of fresh apricot, tangy kumquat, and sweet nectarine. Just like juicy fruit, it’s gonna’ move ya’ (though I have yet to figure out what tuga tastes like). As the name implies it would hold its own with spicy curry, Asian bbq, or in a chair on the beach; all of which I adore. Needless to say I’ll be feasting on the Riesling!

Keep your wallets full and your mouths happy!


Photocred- craft beer kings