Who says you have to go out for happy hour. Going out gets expensive and strains your wallet and your waistline. After hearing my sister had a rough day I wanted to do something nice for her.  Of course being thrifty and broke as usual I couldn’t take her out so I got creative. Using some fresh jersey ingredients I threw together a pretty substantial spread.  Mine included Juicy watermelon margaritas, a fresh summer salad with Jersey tomatoes and mozzarella (had to indulge my inner Italian girl) and crab cakes using the crabs from my trap and a corn relish with some corn I had picked up from the farmers market but you can use whatever you have handy. Get creative, have fun, and most importantly, enjoy.


Crab Cakes: Please note there are minimal ingredients so the crab can shine!

8 onces fresh crab (or lump)

1 egg to bind

1 cup or so of breadcrums

Dash of:


Old Bay

Salt and Pepper to taste

Fry in oil until brown on both sides