I know I’ve been on sort of a hiatus to say the least.. details will follow soon.  In short. my life was for the past year was pretty much a soap opera and I had no time or desire to write.  Fear not my devoted readers I do intend to attempt to post regularly, scouts honor.

In honor of my triumphant return to the foodiverse, I though I would share my not so secret trick for eating out without breaking you bank.  It also happens to be that annoying life skill your parents drill into your head from a young age, sharing.

Though it mat bring back horrible memories of some random kidding breaking your favorite toy, it is actually a useful resource for saving money in the adult world.  It also ensures you get to try more than one thing on the menu.

I recently employed this tactic at one of my favorite restaurants which happens to be on the pricey side. A meal for two including apps and entrees can easily run you over $100.  Most of the time said meal ends up in a dogie bag that goes in the trash.  By splitting the meal I saved money and the environment, pretty much a win on both sides.

The meal itself was a fantastic, we shared a fresh Heirloom Tomato Salad with house made Burrata and handmade tortellini with fresh summer vieggies and juicy seafood.   Each of us had a full plate of each delicious dish and had more than enough to eat.

When the bill arrived we were certainly surprised, though not in the usual “how did I spend that much” sort of way. With the tip, we each spent about 30 dollars and had enough left to get an after dinner cocktail.  Needless to say I left one very happy, and full girl.


*Only use this method if you are dining with 1) someone you know and 2) someone you mildly care about.  I would not suggest pulling it out on a first date or business lunch.

Side note:

If you want to eat dessert, do so from the comfort of you own home or your local ice cream shop.  Truth of the matter is that most places don’t actually make their own dessert.  Speaking from experience, the restaurant where I was employed for much of my young life got their dessert shipped in from some unnamed bakery in New York. Unless it says homemade on the menu and they can tell you for a fact that it comes from their kitchen, save yourself a few bucks.